Café de Altura de San Ramón Especial, S.A. is a company found by a group of coffee workers from San Ramon and some places around, with the main objective of getting together along to process and market their coffee with the lowest cost, obtaining the best price, generating welfare to the producer and to the whole community, as well as a good profitability for the partners.  

Our Products

Festival Viva Café 2018 

Café de Altura said present at the Viva Café 2018 festival performed at the National Stadium. In the event activities such as the National Barista Championship were developed, in which Jeremy Chávez won the first place, competing with the anaerobic coffee Diamond of our company.

Congratulations to the winner!

SCAA 2018

Seattle EUA

The SCAA fair was performed in Seattle from April 19 to 22 and the directors of the company were present, the international coffee fairs are an excellent opportunity to conduct new business, maintain customers, strengthen relationships and update on what happens in the market.

At the fair, filtering methods were also prepared with Onix coffee from our company.

Our Company

"We offer an unique coffee experience with excellence and quality"

Satisfying our customers is the main objective of the company, for this reason and to please the palate of all Costa Rican families, a diverse line of coffees has been created, ranging from the traditional Cafeturas, to high-end gourmet coffees and special reservations to please the most demanding palates.

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